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Chapmanville neighbors arrested for malicious wounding following fight

AM Stone | WVOW News

CHAPMANVILLE Chapmanville neighbors charged with with malicious wounding.

Chapmanville Patrolman Honeycutt responded to a fight in progress call Monday, April tenth at Tomblin Drive apartments in Chapmanville.

Patrolman Honeycutt arrived to find one individual involved with the fight, 27-year-old Timothy Whitt, in his apartment. The other individual, 37-year-old William Burgess and neighbor to Mr. Whitt, had left the premises.

According to the complaint in Logan County Magistrate Court, Whitt alleged Mr. Burgess threw a glass bottle that struck and cut Whitt’s hand.

Honeycutt wrote in the complaint that Burgess suddenly ran out behind the apartments and forced the patrolman to “go after the defendant.”

Burgess told Honeycutt it was Whitt who instigated the fight. Burgess alleged Whitt hit him with a stick and caused a bruise.

Both men were arrested, charged and transported to Southwestern Regional Jail.

Both are charged with malicious wounding and their bonds set at $5,000 10% or surety.

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