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Couple steals HVAC from Monaville rental property


MONAVILLE A couple faces charges for allegedly stealing a heating and cooling system from a rental property.

According to a criminal complaint filing by Logan Deputy Ryan Allen, a rental property owner alleges his tenants stole the heating and cooling unit out of a residence he rents out at Monaville.

Deputy Allen charges 43-year-old Toni “Renee” Mathis and 37-year- old Jimmy “Willie” Mathis with grand larceny, transferring stolen property and conspiracy.

The new system was installed by a contractor for Pride Community services two years ago. Back on September second, the owner says he was notified that his tenants loaded up the system in a pick-up truck and left with it.

The Mathis’ were questioned about the theft. According to the complaint, one of the tenants said the contractor that installed the system two years ago suddenly showed up and left with the system. No documentation was ever presented to back up this story. Pride and the contractor, Trumpet Heating and Cooling, deny removing the system. The system cost and installation totals $7,444.

The defendants eventually admit to the theft, according to the complaint. They reportedly stated they wanted to take unit to their new residence in Mingo County. They also agreed to return the unit. However, Deputy Allen accuses the Mathis’ of selling the unit to another Monaville resident for $1,500.

Logan County Magistrate Dwight Williamson has set bond at $75,000 ten percent or full surety.



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