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COVID Hospital Rate Unsustainable, According To Health Official

Current trends of hospitalized COVID19 patients are currently unsustainable according to health officials during Governor Justice’s press conference on COVID response

Hospitalizations in the Mountain State stand at 511 patients. The state’s interagency task force lead Jim Hoyer said the trend of the state’s overall hospital capacity is at a pace that cannot be sustained.

“Unvaccinated West Virginians are taking away access to healthcare from other West Virginians,” Hoyer said.

Bed availability and equipment capacity were initially the main concern during the height of the outbreak, and now medical personnel is just as crucial to the state’s healthcare situation.

Many hospitals staffed shortfalls in their workforce with highly compensated travel nurses.

Demand for those health professionals has grown, especially in the southern states, adding even more problems to healthcare providers already stressed from the workload.

The W.Va. Department of Health and Human Resources reported 1,100 new cases of the virus today. Currently, there are 11,725 active cases statewide.



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