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CSX crossing maintenance closes roads in Boone County

Several CSX railroad crossings in Boone County will be closed for maintenance, according to the West Virginia Department of Transportation.

CSX crews will be performing maintenance on five railroad crossings in Boone County. The crossings are on roads under the maintenance jurisdiction of the West Virginia Division of Highways. The roads will be shut down while crews work. Emergency vehicles will still have access in areas where the road is closed.

County Route 5 and Prenter Road in Seth are currently closed through Thursday,

September 1.

Bloomingrose Road and River Avenue in Bloomingrose will be closed Wednesday, August 31.

Indian Creek Road in Racine on Thursday, September 1.

Next week, state Route 3 and Peytona Costa Road in Peytona will close on Tuesday, September 6.

Parts of Dartmouth-Ashford Road in Ashford will be closed Wednesday and Thursday, September 7 & 8, and again on Monday the twelfth.

Motorists should be cautious in the areas where work is ongoing. Watch for road signs directing traffic or requiring vehicles to stop.


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