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Delta Variant Cases Remain Low & Closely Monitored

On Tuesday, Governor Jim Justice again called on Mountain State residents to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and its delta variant that remains low but closely monitored.

Twelve cases of the delta variant have been discovered in five counties in West Virginia. Cases of the variant remain low for now but are closely monitored.

The delta version of the virus is more contagious than other variants and increases the risk of hospitalization.

Governor Justice said the vaccines have shown resist the delta variant and said the chance of infection is more likely if not vaccinated.

“What’s the chances of you ending up with this,” the Governor said. “Too big of a chance for me. That’s why I’m vaccinated. I think it’s too big of a chance for you, too.”

Studies suggest that delta infections are more likely in young people, the unvaccinated and partially vaccinated.

Approximately, 46% of West Virginias are fully vaccinated. Around 55% have received one shot.



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