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Football Delayed in Logan Co.

West Virginia high school football players were finally able to strap on a helmet and run onto the field. The first practices are underway, but not in Logan County.

A high instance of COVID-19, Logan County is in the “red zone” under the DHHR and Department of Education’s COVID-19 map and as such teams are disallowed from practice.

Chapmanville, Logan and Man are not practicing and based on current numbers may not be for a while.

The color-coding system is based on a seven-day average of positive cases and is adjusted for county population figures. Logan is the only red county. Red counties do not have in-person classes or extra-curricular activities. Mingo and Grant counties are orange and permitted for practice, but no games for the teams in orange counties. [NOTE: This story was originally published on the old on August 18, 2020.]

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