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Former Mayor Remembered By Current Mayor of Logan

PHOTO | MetroNews

Long time City of Logan Mayor dies following battle with cancer.

Former City of Logan Mayor Tom Esposito died Friday at 69 years old. He was a four term mayor in the city and served from 1987 to 2003.

Current Mayor Serafino Nolletti said Esposito’s legacy is ongoing to this day in the city.

“We’re still benefiting from what he did,” Nolletti said. “I know he fought hard to get Fountain Place into the city limits.”

Esposito spear headed city annexations during his 16 years in office including the first city annexations in 66 years with businesses along Route 10, the WV State Police barracks, and the Fountain Place Mall.

“I know he was under a lot of pressure to not let that happen for various reasons. Having Fountain Place in our city limits has really helped us tremendously,” Nolletti said.

Nolletti said he has memories with Tom that he’ll never forget.

“Italian families are close,” Nolletti said. “My mother and dad loved him. His law firm was right beside my bakery. He loved people and we loved him.”

Esposito was also a talented lawyer and orator in the courtroom.

Services will be conducted at one o’clock Tuesday, December 21 at the First Christian Church of Logan with Reverend Tom Chafin officiating.

Burial will follow in the Forest Lawn Cemetery at Pecks Mill. The City of Logan Fire Department will serve as pallbearers.

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