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Governor Postpones Winter Sports to January 11, 2021

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

WV Governor Jim Justice announced several executive orders today to combat the rising numbers of COVID-19.

The Governor announced all high school winter sports will not begin until at least January 11 next year. Moreover, Justice said all non-school winter sports will stop until at least the first of the year. Sports contests included in the order are basketball, swimming, wrestling, and cheerleading.

Justice said current sports are permitted to finish up, but no other sports will begin at this point.

The governor’s mask mandate was emphasized. Justice said that people must wear a mask inside public buildings with only a few exceptions such as eating in a restaurant. This differs from the Governor’s initial indoor face covering order. Originally, the mandate allowed masks to be removed if adequate social distancing could be maintained. Under the new order, that exception no longer exists.

Justice also announced all schools will not conduct classroom instruction until the Thursday following Thanksgiving. State Superintendent Clayton Burch clarified the additional three day will be remote learning.

Justice also cancelled all school band concerts and festivities through the spring of next year. Justice based his decision on a request from the state's bandmasters.


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