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High water at Mt. Gay

PHOTO | Cora Volunteer Fire Department


MT GAY Fire departments dispatched for a stranded motorist at Mt. Gay.

Cora and Verdunville Volunteer Fire Departments responded and were able to push the car out of the water. Water is up in the road near the former Suddenlink building at Mt. Gay.

The underpass at Mt. Gay has been impassable this evening. Copperas Mine Fork is rising behind the Mt. Gay apartment building.

Cora VFD urges motorists to not drive through standing water or attempt to navigate flood waters.

If floodwaters stall one’s vehicle, driver should abandon the vehicle and move to higher ground. If the vehicle is swept away by rushing waters, get out quickly and move to the roof.

Flooding has also been reported at Trace Fork, Garrett Fork and water in the road of Gateway Road on Whitman Creek.

In Lincoln County, students that were unable to return home due to blocked roads are preparing to stay the night if need be at Lincoln County High School and Duval PreK-8 building at Hamlin.

Earlier Thursday evening, Governor Jim Justice declared a State of Emergency for all 55 counties of West Virginia



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