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Holden man faces charges for alleged threats with firearm


HOLDEN A Holden man is in jail following a domestic disturbance involving a firearm.

West Virginia State Police arrested forty-year-old Joshua Michael Hargis on numerous charges stemming from an incident that occurred Wednesday, September twentieth.

Troopers responded to a domestic disturbance on Copperas Fork Road. According to the criminal complaint filed in Logan County Magistrate Court, Hargis was on the porch of the residence with a long rifle when police arrived. Police say Mr. Hargis, “refused to comply with commands,” to top drop the rifle.

The complaint states Hargis dropped the rifle after aiming it at himself. Police say he then pulled a knife and held it to his own throat. Police eventually apprehended Hargis after they were able to make an approach on Hargis. According to the complaint, police say that Hargis was extremely intoxicated.

Police report two young children, six and eight, were inside the residence at the time. Hargis is charged with child neglect creating risk of injury, brandishing a deadly weapon, obstructing an officer, assault on law enforcement, domestic battery and domestic assault.

Police say the suspect’s wife advised the events began when Hargis arrived home, attempted to run her down and struck her vehicle while attempting to leave. She said Hargis shoved her and threatened her when she attempted to get a gun away from him. The complaint further alleges that Hargis said, “if she tried to take his kids that she wouldn’t live and there was a hole in the ground for her and he could make it tonight or whenever she was ready.”

Moreover, Mrs. Hargis told police Hargis stated if he couldn’t blow his brains out in the house he would do it outside.

Logan County Magistrate Dwight Williamson set bond at $75,000 ten percent or full surety.



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