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Internal investigation finds Logan Deputies did not violate any department policies.

LOGAN The Logan County Sheriff’s Office says deputies did not violate department policy arresting an individual last month in Mount Gay.

According to a press release from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were operating within the policies of the sheriff’s department when they arrested 48-year-old Ernest James Vance Jr., of Mount Gay. Charges against Vance include obstruction, strangulation, assault and battery on an officer.

Logan County Sheriff PD Clemens initiated an Response to Resistance and Aggression investigation following a formal complaint filed by Vance with the sheriff’s office. Sheriff Clemens told WVOW News at the time he assigned the case to an officer and reserved making any decisions until a determination was made from that investigation. The sheriff also said at that time that the complaint filed by Vance and the reports on the investigation will not be made public.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Logan County Magistrate Court, Vance was involved in a physical altercation with his brother in the roadway of Heartstrings Avenue at Mount Gay back on June sixth. Deputies report they found the brother down on the ground and along the roadside when they arrived on scene.

According to the complaint, deputies initially obtained information of someone possessing a firearm at the scene. Deputy CL Carter wrote in the complaint that Vance was advised to come off the porch of his residence and accompany the deputies to a patrol vehicle.

According to the complaint, Vance left the porch but would not go any further. Deputies attempted to physically detain Vance once several commands were refused and Vance allegedly became combative.

A video posted to social media by Vance’s son Hunter only captures a few seconds of the scuffle between four deputies (Deputy Carter, Deputy C.R. Rosser, Deputy HS Workman and Corporal Z.T. Lilly) and Vance. According to the complaint, and supporting video footage, numerous strikes and a taser were unsuccessful in taking down Vance.

The complaint states Vance, once handcuffed, spat on one of the deputies and attempted to kick him. Once finally in the vehicle, Vance became combative yet again, hitting the window with his head and kicking an officer in the passenger seat that allegedly contributed to the patrol car running off the road and nearly causing a crash.

Vance was taken to Logan Regional Medical Center for treatment where his brother said Vance injured him by striking him with a bicycle.

Deputies also reported that Vance said he attempted to strangle his brother.

Vance was taken to Southwestern Regional Jail and has since been released after posting $15,000 surety bond.

A preliminary hearing set for last month was continued to later this month after the defendant did not appear in court. According to magistrate court, Vance alleged he did not know the hearing was taking place and got a continuance.

PHOTO | Hunter Vance FB video & SWRJA

PRESS RELEASE | Logan County Sheriff's Office



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