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Judge Denies Motions By W.Va. Teachers' Unions

A judge denied a request by W.Va. teachers' unions to halt in-person learning until all teachers can be vaccinated.

The request for a restraining order was brought forth by the WVEA and AFT-WV.

The West Virginia Education Association filed a temporary restraining order and an injunction in connection to in-person learning in West Virginia earlier this month.

The AFT-WV also says they have filed a complaint in Kanawha County Circuit Court to protect the health and safety of students, teachers and the community in West Virginia last week.

Judge Carrie Webster agreed the indoor school setting was risky, but not more risky than hospitals, jails and grocery stores which remain open.

The judge also says there is no certainty a restraining order would make an impact since they can’t guarantee teachers will be vaccinated within the ten days that it covers.

Judge Webster didn’t grant the motion to dismiss the case, just denied it. More briefings could be filed.

The ruling means schools in W.Va. will stay open to some form of in-person learning.



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