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Knights Of The Golden Horseshoe Honored With Ceremony

Students from the Coalfields who earned the Golden Horseshoe Award received their hard-earned reward in a ceremony, Tuesday, June 13.

The Golden Horseshoe Test has been administered in West Virginia since 1931, testing 8th grade students knowledge about its history in the longest running program of its kind. The top-scoring students in each county received the award, the Golden Horseshoe pin, and are inducted as “knights” of the Golden Horseshoe Society by the state superintendent.

Students from Boone, Lincoln, Logan and Wayne were honored in a ceremony at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Students from McDowell, Mingo, Wayne and Wyoming were honored in a later ceremony at 11 a.m.

Winners from Boone County:

Tanner Gibson, Sherman Junior High School

Hayden Keith, Sherman Junior High School

Makayla Lester, Sherman Junior High School

Winners from Lincoln County:

Elyzabeth Adkins, Duval PK-8 School

Landon Adkins, Hamlin PK-8 School

Clay Smith, Hamlin PK-8 School

Winners from Logan County:

Megan Brown, Chapmanville Middle School

Caroline Simpson, Chapmanville Middle School

Aiden Smith, Chapmanville Middle School

Robert Christian, Man Middle School

Winners from McDowell County:

Cecilia Wilson, Mount View High School

Turner Addair, Sandy River Middle School

Sirius Billips, Southside K-8 School

Winners from Mingo County:

Zachary Stanley, Burch PK8 School

Judy Blevins, Lenore PK8 School

Payton Johnson, Matewan PK8 School

Ashlyn Fouch, Williamson PK8 School

Winners from Wayne County:

Julia Murdock, Buffalo Middle School

Alexa Watson, Buffalo Middle School

Isabella Stone, Ceredo-Kenova Middle School

Hunter Fitch, Crum Pre K-8 School

Trenton Waller, Fort Gay Pre K-8 School

Winners from Wyoming County:

Paisley Shannon, Huff Cons Elementary & Middle School

Gabriel Cook, Pineville Middle School

Calista Bachert, Road Branch Elementary & Middle School

Isaiah Paynter, Road Branch Elementary & Middle School

This year marks the 307th anniversary of the Golden Horseshoe legacy.



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