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Ky. and Va. Continue to Recognize W.Va. Concealed Carry Permits

West Virginia’s concealed carry permits will continue to be recognized by Kentucky, Virginia and nine other states.

According to news release from West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey’s Office, Kentucky and Virginia will continue to recognize concealed handgun permits issued to West Virginians aged 21 and older. Moreover, Kentucky recognizes provisional permits for 18-years and older

West Virginia also reaffirmed concealed carry reciprocity and recognition for Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Tennessee, Utah and Wyoming.

States previously with reciprocity for W.Va. concealed firearms permits are expected to reaffirm. The Attorney General’s office conducts yearly discussions with states to enhance or continue recognition of Mountain State permits.

The full list of states with concealed firearms reciprocity is available here.

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