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Lawsuit Filed Against Boone Deputies

A federal lawsuit has been filed against two Boone County Sheriff’s Deputies.

The lawsuit stems from an incident on March 17 at the home of the Plaintiff, 67 year old Linda Johnson.

The complaint alleges that Deputy C.T. Daniels and Deputy M.A. Dingess entered Johnson’s home without a warrant and without permission to arrest her son, Steven Adkins who was accused by the deputies of a misdemeanor.

The lawsuit alleges that the deputies did bodily harm to Johnson in the arrest process and caused her to have a heart attack.

Attorneys Justin Marcum and Will Duty of Next Step Legal in Williamson are representing Johnson. Marcum says there is video evidence of the officers illegal entry into the home, evidence of Johnson attempting to comply with officers, and evidence that the officers used unreasonable and excessive force.

The suit also alleges that the criminal complaint filed by the officers was false, misleading, and inaccurate.

The Boone County Sheriff’s department declined comment while the lawsuit is pending.



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