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Lincoln County flood waters cause school sleepover

PHOTO | Lincoln County High School


HAMLIN Flood waters in Lincoln County stranded students at school overnight.

Around 170 students made-up the sleepover at Lincoln County High and Duval PreK-8 Thursday night.

One hundred students stayed the night at Duval PreK-8 and seventy at Lincoln County High, Hamlin Fire Chief Bobby Stickler told 13News.

Mudslides and high water closed school for Lincoln and many other counties Friday.

Lincoln County released students two hours early on Thursday in reaction the continuous rain that started early that morning. However, the preemptive action was too late as students in the Duval area were unable to get home by bus.

Students were fed, provided cots and blankets and all helped by local businesses and churches. Board games helped pass the time. The students were supervised the entire time.

Roads were still being accessed Friday evening for safe transport home.

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