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Logan attorney charged with impersonation of law enforcement

SPRATTSVILLE A Logan County attorney was arrested this week for the alleged impersonation of a law enforcement and driving under the influence in Mingo County.

Sheriff’s Deputies in Mingo County arrested 69-year-old Mark Hobbs and 43-year-old Joanna Deloach, both of Logan.

According to Hobbs’ criminal complaint, he was involved in an accident in the Sprattsville area. Deputies alleged a “white capsule” was visible in the center console of the vehicle and “white powder” on the dashboard.

According to the criminal complaint, Hobbs had a pill bottle of Tramadol hydrochloride, a pain med, and $108 in his pocket. Deloach possessed the anxiety medicines Lorazepam and Diazepam and $612 in her pocket book. All medications are schedule IV controlled substances.

The complaint stated officers conducted a field sobriety test with Hobbs. According to the complaint, Hobbs displayed nystagmus, or uncontrollable movements of the eyes. Hobbs said he could not complete the other tests due to knee surgery. The complaint omitted whether or not Hobbs was taken to a hospital for a blood draw.

Hobbs told law enforcement that he had a firearm in the vehicle, according to the complaint.

While searching the vehicle, law enforcement found a wallet with a Logan County Prosecutor’s badge. Hobbs is not a Logan County Prosecutor, but he was a prosecutor at one time. The complaint did not state if Hobbs identified himself as a prosecutor. West Virginia code 61-1-9 states, “Any person not a law enforcement officer or law enforcement official who shall wear the uniform prescribed for such persons, or the badge or other insignia adopted for use by such person with the intent to deceive another person, is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

Hobbs was charged with DUI, conspiracy, possession with intent to deliver and impersonation of law enforcement. Hobbs’ preliminary hearing is set for June fifteenth in Mingo County Magistrate Court. Deloach was charged with possession with intent to deliver and conspiracy to deliver controlled substance.

Deloach was back in court this time in Logan Magistrate Court Thursday, June first for the alleged crime of falsely reporting an emergency.

Deloach summoned police to a residence at Justice Addition. She told police her and Hobbs live at the residence and claimed someone was in the house and would not leave.

According to this complaint, Deloach claimed she has lived with Hobbs for months and told police her was her boyfriend. She also stated Hobbs had multiple women present in the home. Logan County Sheriff’s Deputies entered the home and determined no one was there.

Deputies said Deloach then confirmed she never saw anyone in the house, but she may or may not have heard voices and said they may be in the attic.

Deputies said Deloach was erratic and beligerent.

She was charged in Logan County Magistrate court with falsely reporting an emergency, refusal to fingerprint, and two counts of obstruction.

All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.



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