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Logan County Commission Finalize New Magisterial Map

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

A special meeting of the Logan County Commission on Monday implemented the new four-district magisterial map for the county.

The county is gearing up for the mid-term elections this May and November with filing for offices beginning January tenth.

Magisterial maps determine eligible residencies for candidates seeking seats on the Logan County Commission and the Logan County Board of Education.

Commissioners voted 2-1 to approve four districts on December first. President Danny Godby and Commissioner Danny Ellis voted in favor of the new map. Commissioner Diana Barnette voted against the map and cited a campaign promise to support a three-district map that would have divided the county into North, Central and Southern districts.

A total of eight maps were produced by the West Virginia GIS Tech Center at a cost of $5,000 for the county. The new districts are the first major changes to the magisterial map since 1993.

On Monday, Commissioner Ellis motioned to accept the map agreed on last month. Barnette seconded the motion, and the map business was finalized.

District one will be comprised of voting precincts Bulwark, J.B. Ellis, Justice Addition, Main Holden, Mitchell Heights, Rocky Hill, Striker and Verdunville. District one is represented by President Danny Godby.

District two will be made up from voting precincts Central City, Cherry Tree, Earling, McConnell/Lyburn, Monaville, Price Bottom (Precincts 54A & 54B), Stirrat, Switzer and Whitman. District two is represented by Diana Barnette.

District three includes precincts Chapmanville City, Crooked Creek, East Chapmanville, Henlawson, Lake, Layne, Mill Creek,

and Shaples.

District four includes precincts Accoville, Amherstdale, Christian, Ethel, Logan East, Lorado (Precincts A & B), Mineral City and South Man.

Residents residing in the communities in districts two or four are eligible to run for the Logan County Commission. Residents in districts two, three or four are eligible to seek office on the Logan County Board of Education.

Commissioner Danny Ellis already announced he will not seek another term in office prior to the redistricting talks started last fall. Board of Education President Jeremy Farley has already announced his intentions to file for the open seat on the commission and is the only candidate to file pre-candidacy papers for the upcoming election cycle.

The county BOE will have three seats up this year. Incumbents Debbie Mendez and Pat Joe White along with Farley’s seat will be up this year. Mendez told WVOW News Wednesday she plans to run for re-election this May.

A regular meeting of the Logan County Commission will be 3pm Thursday, January sixth. Items listed on the commission’s agenda include a funding request for the Logan High School cheerleaders

Meetings of the Logan County Commission are open to the public.



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