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Logan County Housing Authority Passes On Buying Apts. & Announces Start Date Loganwood Construction

Logan County Housing Authority says construction on the Loganwood complex will begin June 1, 2022. The complex will focus on housing for veterans. Loganwood will be located at the corner of Hudgins and Hinchman streets.

The recent meeting of the Logan County Housing Authority brought about two distinct decisions.

First, the authority declined purchasing two apartment buildings. The Lana Kay Apartments at Pecks Mill and the France Apartments at Mitchell Heights were both passed on by the authority for purchase.

Both buildings are up for sale and have a million dollar price tag for the pair.

The authority ultimately favored new construction over rehabilitating older buildings.

The authority also decided on a start-date for construction of a three-story housing complex called Loganwood.

Construction is planned to take a year and work is now scheduled to begin June first next year.

The 32 unit building will be located at the corner of Hudgins and Hinchman streets and cost approximately $7 million.

According to the Logan Banner, funding is originating from several sources. More than $5 million of funding is from the West Virginia Housing Development Fund’s Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program. Funding also includes a Home Program loan for $800,000, a Logan Housing Corporation loan for $750,000 and an in-contribution of $40,000.

Loganwood is planned to emphasis housing for veterans.



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