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Logan County Schools set for Active Threat Drill on Tuesday, October 3rd

Brian Brown with the Capitol Police School Safety Unit (left) and Logan County Schools Deputy Superintendent Josh Brumfield discuss the upcoming "Active Threat Drill" in county schools on Tuesday, October third.

LOGAN Logan County Schools and first responders are preparing for an “active threat drill” Tuesday.

The announced drill is set for Tuesday, October third.

Logan County Schools Deputy Superintendent Josh Brumfield was a guest on a recent edition of “What’s Your Opinion?” Mr. Brumfield says the purpose of the drill is to ensure everyone in the school community is prepared for what to do and where to go in the event of a threat.

“Preparedness is key,” Brumfield said. “We want to make sure that our students, staff and first responders are well equipped to respond calmly and effectively.”

Every school in Logan County will participate in the drill that ranges from an active shooter to inclement weather or some other scenario that poses an active threat to students and staff in the school district.

Brian Brown with the Capitol Police School Safety Unit accompanied Mr. Brumfield on “What’s Your Opinion?” and said the school safety unit will observe the drill and offer any recommendations. The school safety unit was established in the last legislative session and was signed into creation by Governor Jim Justice.

“As implies in the title,” Brown said, “we’re going around and helping the local boards of education, teachers, principals and superintendents look at school safety issues.”

Brown said his unit will be looking for vulnerabilities and try to correct any mistakes that may take place during the drill.

Mr. Brumfield said the drill will take place around 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October third and will simulate a real emergency.

“We have a scenario,” Brumfield said. “We’re going to share that scenario to our principals and staff so they can make decisions based on a real-life event that could potentially happen.”

Brumfield said the school administration and the resource officers will have to act on an emergency plan already in place with each school.

The public must remember the drill is only drill but should be taken seriously. Parents and guardians must also not be alarmed or panicked by a sudden and visible presence of law enforcement or other emergency responders at local schools.

All eighteen schools in the Logan County school district will participate.

Listen to the conversation by clicking here.


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