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Logan Lions Club Cleans Up Blair Mountain Ahead Of Centennial Event

The Logan Lions Club adopted a special project ahead of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Blair Mountain.

The civic group organized a cleanup project to clean up the historic sight before visitors arrive to commemorate the occasion.

The Lions Club enlisted the help of the community and the Recovery Group of Southern West Virginia, a recovery home in Logan.

During the week of festivities, Blair Mountain in Logan County will be the centerpiece.

The Battle of Blair Mountain was the largest labor uprising in U.S. history and the largest armed uprising since the Civil War.

For five days from late August to early September 1921, about 10,000 armed miners confronted 3,000 lawmen and strike breakers - called the Logan Defenders - who were backed by coal mine operators during the miners' attempt to unionize southern West Virginia coalfields when tensions rose between workers and mine management. The battle ended after about one million rounds were fired and the U.S. Army intervened by presidential order.

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