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Logan man arrested for igniting bus fire Saturday morning

AM Stone & Robert Fields | WVOW News

LOGAN  Logan man arrested in connection to a Saturday morning bus fire.

Firefighters and police for the City of Logan responded to a vehicle fire on Main Avenue. According to the City of Logan Fire Department, crews arrived on scene to find a small bus fully engulfed in flames just before five o’clock Saturday morning. The flames were in close proximity and threatening nearby Rick’s Tire and Auto. Overall, no injuries reported and only light paint damage to the repair shop's block wall.

Arson was immediately suspected by the City Fire Marshall Chris Hatfield and Logan Police Patrolmen Cowart and Bias. According to the criminal complaint filed in Logan Magistrate Court, a review of security footage from Rick’s Auto turned up one suspect. Investigator identified 31-year-old Anthony Nelson Jr., from Logan. In the video, police say Nelson appears walking toward the small bus flicking a lighter in his hand. Nelson went around the bus and a short time later flames slowly begin to build. According to the complaint, Nelson styicks around and walks by the fire watching it as it grew in intensity.

Police went to an abandoned building in West Logan Nelson was believed to be staying at. The patrolmen located Nelson and detained him. According to complaint, Nelson admitted to using hand sanitizer to light a cloth and then used the flaming cloth to light a cigarette.

Moreover, Nelson told police he stomped the cloth and poured a liquid on it, but admitted he knew the bus was on fire when he left it.

Nelson has charged with third-degree arson and cash bond set at $50,000. He is jailed at the Southwestern Regional Jail.

PHOTO | SWRJA / City of Logan Fire Department



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