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Man arrested for attempting to steal a car... again

Logan County Sheriffs Deputies arrest a man for allegedly attempting to gain access to vehicles in the parking lot of Logan Regional Medical Center.

Deputies identified the man as 32-year-old Jameel Jouquin of Jacksonville, Florida.

A woman said she saw Jouquin attempt to enter several cars by checking the door handles. The victim was waiting for the shuttle bus, and told officers that jouquin tried to enter the car the victim was in. The victim alleged Jouquin walked away when the employee shuttle bus approached. She reported the incident to the security officer on duty.

According to the deputies, the defendant said he didn’t plan to steal the cars. He said he was just looking for transportation.

Jouquin was charged with automobile tampering, trespassing posted land and attempted grand larceny.

This was Jouquin’s second arrest in so many weeks.

Jouquin was arrested previously after he was reportedly in a woman’s car near the Logan Courthouse.

According to reports, Jouquin fled on foot and jumped into the back of a truck. The driver of the truck stopped the vehicle and Jouquin allegedly tried to fight with officers from the back of the truck.

Police say they had to use a stun gun on Jouquin and several officers had to assist in subduing him.



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