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Man Arrested In Chapmanville Sun, Making Terroristic Threats

A Logan County man faces several charges after a bizarre incident Sunday night.

Logan County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a report of a man attempting to kick down the door of a residence on Country Club Drive in Chapmanville.

Upon arrival, police found Malcom Meade pacing in the driveway of the residence.

According to police, Meade ignored commands to stop walking and put his hands behind his back.

While cuffed, Mead attempted an escape. When his attempts failed he allegedly launched into verbal attacks and spat upon an officer.

Deputies conducted a pat down once Meade was finally contained in the cruiser. Officers said the pat down turned up six packages of suboxone.

Meade allegedly threatened harm to the residence and the woman living there while he was in custody. According to Logan County 911, the defendant has active domestic violence petition effective July thirteenth.

Malcom Meade was charged with burglary, assault and battery on an officer, obstructing, terroristic acts, assault, possession of a controlled substance and violation of a domestic violence petition.



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