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Man charged with 1st degree murder of brother-in-law



LINCOLN COUNTY A man is dead and another is charged with his murder in Lincoln County.

According to state police, 68-year-old Gary Linville, of Tornado, was found dead inside a residence on Coal River Road at around 9 o’clock Friday night.

Troopers arrested 65-year-old Andrew Butch Jones in Kanawha County. Jones is a resident of Tornado.

Jones has been charged with first degree murder. Jones allegedly shot and killed Linville, a brother-in-law to Jones.

Jones reportedly told a neighbor he killed Linville, according to the complaint.

Lincoln County Deputies arrived on the scene to find a small fire with oxygen tanks running. Linville was on oxygen at the time and the fire started following the shooting. Deputies extinguished the flames and turned off the oxygen.

Troopers have yet to release anymore information such as a motive.

Jones is expected in court next Tuesday.

The victim has the same name as the Lincoln County sheriff but state police confirm the man who died was not the sheriff.



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