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Mercer County Health Dept. Vaccinations On Hold For Wrong Dosage

COVID-19 vaccinations are on hold at the Mercer County Health Department for administering the wrong dosage of vaccine.

Full doses instead of recommended half doses of Moderna boosters were administered to the public, according to State Health Officer Dr. Ayne Amjad.

The state’s Board of Public Health put a hold on Mercer County’s health department administering any vaccines until proper instruction and training is completed

Dr. Amjad assured the public that hold is temporary.

“We want to ensure that quality is given, and the right doses are given. It’s a temporary hold in this case,” Amjad said during the Friday conference on virus response.

Amjad said a state team will be in the county this week to demonstrate the recommended dosage.

Vaccines are still available at other locations in Mercer County including Walgreens, Kroger and Four Seasons pharmacies. Vaccine is also available at The Bluestone Community Health Center.


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