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Mingo Co. Shooting Heads To Grand Jury

The case of a shooting after a road-rage incident heads to the Mingo County Grand Jury.

A Florida truck driver faces second-degree murder charges after shooting a Mingo County man who blocked his semi at a stoplight.

According to eyewitness accounts, 51-year-old Eric Sammons of Mingo County got out of his vehicle and was screaming at 66-year-old James Armstrong.

Sammons reportedly stepped up on the running board of Armstrong’s semi to open the door when Armstrong shot and subsequently killed Sammons.

Armstrong pleads self-defense.

In a magistrate court hearing Thursday, the magistrate said there is probable cause to send the case on to the Mingo County Grand Jury.

The questions in play would be if Armstrong’s actions were in self-defense and if his semi-truck with a sleeper would qualify for protection under the Castle Doctrine.

This Doctrine states that someone has the right to protect their home, or in this case their semi, with deadly force if there is a reasonable belief the person is in immediate danger of death or major injury.



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