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Mining repair shop funds Southern welding scholarships

Mining Repair Specialists recently donated $42,000 to fund welding scholarships at Southern West Virginia Community & Technical College. Shown from left, Southern President, Dr. Pamela L. Alderman, Ronnie Barnette, Diana Barnette, and Southern Chief Executive Officer, Rita Roberson.

A local mine repair shop is investing in education.

Ronnie and Diana Barnett, of Mining Repair Specialists, recently donated $42,000 to the Southern Foundation to support three Associate Degree scholarships for welding students at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College. Each scholarship is meant to sponsor a student from Chapmanville, Logan and Man high schools for the next two years.

The Welding Technology Program at Southern prepares graduates to enter the field. The program educates the graduate in not just proper welding techniques, but also the correct selection of equipment and filler metals. Students will also be well-versed in pre, intermediate, and post-heat treatment of welded metals; and proper weld techniques.

The Welding Technology Program provides students with a solid foundation that will enable them to achieve American Welding Society Certification in multiple areas.

More information on the program can be found online at or calling (304) 896-7425



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