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No Red Counties On School Map This Week

Wayne and Kanawha counties were orange Saturday evening and will continue remote learning this week. Orange counties must still wait to participate in extra-curricular activities.

Five counties are gold this week including Logan and Mingo counties.

All other counties are green or yellow according to Saturday’s School Alert Map.

The map is based on data through midnight Thursday. The data is reviewed by a panel of state health officials.

This Saturday’s version of the map was affected by a change made by state leaders. Early versions were determined by daily positive virus cases on a rolling average and adjusted for 100,000 population.

Dr. Clay Marsh, Governor Jim Justice appointed COVID coordinator explained how a county status can be determined by percent positive cases.

“Whichever metric, whether it’s the infection rate or the percent positive rate — whichever of those two metrics is better — will be the metric that’s applied for the color code of the county,” Clay Marsh said of the school map.

Marsh also said that the school map from Saturday will be in effect for the week until the new map is released the following Saturday. However, Marsh did note the school will reflect a county in red if that county changes through the week.

There were several instances of adjustment by a panel of health officials who review the map before it is released every Saturday evening.

Wyoming County moved from gold to yellow as the percent positivity is less than 3% over a 14-day average. Wyoming County was assessed with a 14-day average rather than a 7-day average due to the number of total cases in the 7-day average being below 20.

Boone County advanced from orange to yellow using the percent positivity rate due to six cases being transferred to another county during data validation.

Logan County had only one case transfer to another county due to residency.

West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources COVID-19 Map 9/26/20



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