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Ohio man shot in Chapmanville attempting to run down police

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

PHOTO | Metro News

CHAPMANVILLE A shoplifting call in Chapmanville resulted in shots fired by police and a wanted man in the hospital.

More information was released Wednesday by the Logan County Sheriff’s Department concerning the incident. A press release from the department identified the two officers as Corporal DJ Miller of the sheriff’s office and Chapmanville Patrolman BA Mynes. They responded to a shoplifting call at the Dollar General Store in Chapmanville Tuesday morning.

When they arrived, the officers observed two suspects, a man and a woman, parked at neighboring business Advance Auto.

The Ohio plates on the car were reported stolen from Lawrence County.

Corporal Miller and Patrolman Mynes began approaching said vehicle and giving clear commands for the driver and the passenger of the vehicle to put their hands out the window, according to a press release from the sheriff.

Initially, the accused acted as if he was complying the commands. The driver, identified as 38-year-old Barrry Ethan Vaughn of Ironton, suddenly tried to flee.

Patrolman Mynes attempted to stop the vehicle when he lunged into vehicle from the passenger side window, grabbed the steering wheel, and attempted the knock the vehicle out of gear. Mynes, all while wrestling for control, was dragged along with the vehicle backward onto Route 10 and into the path of oncoming traffic in downtown Chapmanville.

The driver then geared the vehicle to drive and “steered directly toward” Corporal Miller, according the release. Miller opened fire twice on the vehicle’s driver. Vaughn was struck at least once and the car was stopped. Vaughn was rendered aid before he was flown to Saint Mary’s. Logan County Sheriff PD Clemens told WVOW News the shot did not hit any of Vaughn’s vital organs.

“He should not be in the hospital for an extended period of time and it’s not life threatening,” according to Sheriff Clemens.

The sheriff said Vaughn has warrants in Ohio and Kentucky.

“We’ll be filing warrants on him as well,” Clemens continued. “Our charges here will definitely be attempted murder of a police officer. We’ll charge him with fugitive of justice from the other states.”

Other charges include fleeing with reckless disregard, fleeing causing bodily injury, transferring and receiving stolen property, bringing stolen property into WV, and obstructing

The woman in the vehicle, 38 year old Marlana Dawn Adkins, of West Hamlin, is charged with malicious assault on an officer, transporting stolen property, transferring and receiving stolen property, and conspiracy.

Sheriff Clemens told Metro News the Chapmanville officer suffered a concussion in the incident. The deputy was not injured.

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