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Pikeville certified Commonwealth's 29th Kentucky Trail Town

News Release

PIKEVILLE Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear joined state tourism leaders and local officials to announce that Pikeville has officially been certified as the commonwealth’s twenty-ninth Kentucky Trail Town.

“Our trail town communities play a pivotal role in driving tourism across the commonwealth, offering communities a platform to showcase the best outdoor recreational experiences,” said Governor Beshear. “And even though people will come for the outdoor adventure, you can bet that they will stay for everything else Pikeville has to offer, boosting local businesses and economic development in the region.”

The Kentucky Trail Town program is a tourism and economic development program designed to provide a strategic plan for communities to capitalize on recreation opportunities within their communities. Each of Kentucky’s 29 trail towns has made a public commitment to share its outdoor opportunities, culture, history and stories with visitors seeking adventure.

“We are proud of the Trail Town program’s impact. Not only does it highlight outdoor recreation, but the program also helps communities share their arts, culture and history with visitors,” said Tourism, Arts & Heritage Cabinet Secretary Lindy Casebier. “Kentucky was the first state in the country to implement a statewide Trail Town program, beginning with Dawson Springs in 2013 and growing to include 29 communities.”

“We’re excited to see the Trail Town program continue to grow in Kentucky,” said Russ Meyer, commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Parks. “Trail Towns represent some of the best places for outdoor recreation in Kentucky, and this certification should help raise awareness for Pikeville and surrounding areas to outdoor travelers. Breaks Interstate Park, Jenny Wiley State Resort Park and other areas in Eastern Kentucky can also benefit from increased tourists while encouraging our local communities to get out and recreate, enjoy healthy activities and have a more vibrant hometown.”

Pikeville has been focused on expanding and enhancing its trail systems. Local leaders prioritized outdoor recreation development, leading to the creation of new trail systems like the 4.7-mile Real McCoy Trail and the 2-mile Peach Orchard Mountain Trail. The Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy is a popular water trail that stretches 8.5 miles through town and offers various access points.

Pikeville Mayor Jimmy Carter underscores how the trail town designation will promote outdoor recreation within the community: “Pikeville’s designation as a certified Kentucky Trail Town is a testament to our community’s commitment to promoting outdoor recreation and tourism. This recognition will not only attract more visitors to experience our beautiful trails and natural landscapes but also boost our local economy and enhance the quality of life for our residents. We are beyond thrilled to receive this certification.” 

Pike County offers a variety of trail options, including off-road vehicles. Additionally, Pikeville serves as a stopping point for visitors traveling to the Breaks Interstate Park, the Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail or nearby Jenny Wiley State Resort Park.

“We are so excited to have Pikeville officially become a certified Kentucky Trail Town. This designation is not only a testament to our beautiful landscapes and vibrant community but also a significant milestone in our commitment to promoting outdoor recreation and tourism,”

said Executive Director of Pikeville Community Relations and Tourism Jill Dotson. “This has been a wonderful process, and we are happy to celebrate this achievement. We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who has contributed to making this day happen. We are also grateful to our Pikeville Trail Town Committee for their unwavering support and dedication in making this achievement possible.”

According to the Governor Beshear's office, 2023 was the best year on record for tourism, with $13.8 billion in economic impact and 95,222 jobs.

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