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PRIDE roof ripped off by wind Saturday

AM Stone | WVOW News

LOGAN High winds over the weekend blew the roof off the day-care building of PRIDE Community Services on the East End of Logan.

Crews from the City of Logan Fire Department had to close Stratton Street in order to bring a piece of equipment to remove the debris.

Resident Susan Benson said the sound was deafening.

“People always say it sounds like a train coming through,” Benson said. “I turned around and it was the wind and a roof.”

Benson said it was good thing this happened on the weekend; otherwise, children would have been inside.

No injuries were reported, but the metal and wood from the roof hit numerous PRIDE vehicles in the parking lot and one vehicle on the street.

Wind gusts between forty and fifty mph were not unusual Saturday. A Switzer resident reported a tall satellite dish was toppled over onto her vehicle.



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