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Slide in Mingo County knocked homes off foundations, derailed train

PHOTO | Alan Toler


RAGLAND A train derailed and home knocked off foundation in Mingo County.

The Norfolk Southern train had been parked on the tracks near Ragland due to a mudslide on down the tracks.

Coal cars were knocked off the tracks by another separate slide before six o’clock Friday morning.

That slide also knocked several homes off their foundations. The Delbarton Volunteer Fire Department used an excavator to rescue a family inside one of the homes. No injuries reported.

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection says the slide was caused by a failure of a sediment ditch berm at a mining operation of company Coal-Mac LLC.

Terry Fletcher, Chief Communication Officer with WVDEP, said an Imminent Harm Cessation Order has been issued. Coal-Mac is required to open road access in the community, stabilize the area’s operation and provide lodging to the families affected by the slide. Those actions are in progress, reportedly.



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