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Southern accredited through 2032-33 school year.


MUDFORK Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College announced a full ten-year continued accreditation, according to Southern’s President Dr. Pamela Alderman.

Tuesday’s reaffirmation of accreditation enables Southern to continue offering higher education in Logan and surrounding counties well into the 2030s.

A team of peer reviewers from colleges all over the nation, visited Southern back in November.

“They want to make sure we are meeting our mission,” Alderman told WVOW News. “That we are serving our students and our community as a community college.”

According to President Alderman, the accreditation process proves the quality of learning available locally. She says the result is validation of the hard work put in by the faculty at Southern.

“This was not one employee or just a few employees,” Alderman said while announcing the accreditation to students and staff in the Savas-Kostas Performing Arts Center. “This report and our continued improvement are the work of our employees and community members. This is our culture here at Southern. We are truly family!”

The Higher Learning Council is an independent corporation dating back to 1895 and is one of six regional accreditors in the country.

Accreditation is based on several points including the integrity of the institution, it’s faculty and the college’s effectiveness to name a few.

Southern scored in the upper ninety percentile, according to the announcement Tuesday on the Logan Campus of Southern.



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