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Southern Professor's Sudden Passing Leaves College, Community In Mourning

Long-time Southern professor died suddenly and left a remarkable impression on students.

Chuck Puckett, the stalwart professor of anatomy and biology at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, died from injuries sustained in a car wreck Saturday night on Corridor G near Fountain Place. He was 51 years old.

Dr. David O’Dell, a Professor of Chemistry at Glennville State College and former Southern Professor, worked with Chuck when he first came to Southern.

“When I first met him,” O’Dell recalled, “I didn’t know what to think of him. I got to know him and he got to be one of of my best friends and I still didn’t know what to think of him.”

The outpouring of emotion in the wake of Chuck’s passing didn’t surprise O’Dell. Chuck taught at Southern for 22 years and his dedication was obvious.

“Never any doubt of how much passion he had for teaching,” O’Dell confirmed. “He was going to do what he figured was in the best interest of the students regardless of what anyone thought.”

Chuck was active proponent of Southern as a member of the Faculty Senate and Treasurer of the West Virginia Academy of Science. He was also active in the community as a Past President of the Logan Lions Club.

He was avid gamer. Chuck enjoyed role playing games like D&D and anyone that had him for class will tell he was a huge Simpsons fan.

A perfectly cromulent teacher, Chuck’s passion for his craft embiggened the science department at Southern.

“When he showed up,” O’Dell reminisced, “he hit the ground running. He had ideas for bringing the labs up to date. He went after some money to get equipment to do genetic analysis. He was always honing his classes.”

A celebration of Chuck’s life will take place on Friday, December 10, 2021, on the Logan campus of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College from 4 to 6 pm in room 111 with a memorial service to follow in the Savas Kostas Performing Arts Center at 6pm. A private family burial will take place at a later date.

Arrangements are being handled by Honaker Funeral Home.



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