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Southern’s Campuses Open

All campuses of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College are open as of Tuesday, June 1.

Masks are required indoors, until June 20th. Masks will not be required inside or outside college buildings for those fully vaccinated after the twentieth. Individuals not fully vaccinated are recommended to wear masks and social distance.

President Dr. Pamela Alderman said, “Wearing a face mask is still strongly encouraged, especially for those who are not vaccinated. Numerous scientific studies have proven that wearing a face mask can significantly reduce the transmission of COVID-19. For over a year, our college community has embraced mask-wearing as one of the ways we show one another respect and protect each other.”

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College encourages students to get vaccinated but do not require it for the upcoming fall semester. Moreover, masks and physical distancing are no longer required on campus for those who are fully vaccinated.

All campuses and classes will be open for the fall semester.

Alderman says administrators will rely largely on the honor system in enforcing the different requirements for vaccinated versus unvaccinated individuals.



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