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Southern to provide training for the state's largest solar field

A new solar field, scheduled to be built in the southern coalfields, will benefit from training and educational support from Southern WV Community & Technical College.

LOGAN Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College announced a partnership with SEVA West Virginia in providing workforce training and educational support in renovating the former Hobet Mine site into the state’s largest solar field.

The 58,000-acre site is located along the borders of Lincoln and Boone Counties. The project, being spearheaded by the newly founded SEVA West Virginia was officially announced Monday afternoon in a press conference at Danville.

The project, named Sun Park, will feature a 3,000 acre, 250-megawatt solar panel field, reusing what was once the state’s largest coal mining sites for renewable energy.

SEVA WV and its first major project will be headed up by Marion County native Devanna Conley. She stated that she is inspired by the blank canvas presented in the southern counties. “There is a real opportunity to bring new business, grow the population, develop tourism and teach our children about the importance of renewable energy.

The solar park alone is estimated to be a $320 million investment that will create 250-300 construction jobs with an average wage of $30 an hour.

Dr. Pamela L. Alderman, President of Southern, said Monday's announcement is exciting for the people and the economy of the region. “We are looking forward to partnering with SEVA WV by providing workforce training and other educational support for this endeavor. It is a great day for SEVA WV, Southern, and West Virginia," Alderman said.

The solar park is phase one of the multi-phase project.



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