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State Police await autopsy on body found in Guyandotte River

AM Stone | WVOW News

LOGAN Not much is known about a body discovered in the Guyandotte River in downtown Logan Sunday evening.

The body was discovered in the water directly behind the Exxon and Plaza Lanes bowling alley just before 7 o’clock Sunday evening.

It was Brandon Workman’s first day on the job at the Little General store located in downtown. He said a regular customer of the store came in and said he saw something in the river.

“Walk out,” Workman said, “go over behind the dumpster behind Subway and Little General. Find a body in the river.”

West Virginia State Police are in charge of the investigation. According to First Sergeant MS Lively with the Logan Detachment of State Police, there is no update on who was pulled from the river.

“We don’t have an identity of the victim,” Sgt. Lively said, “and we don’t have a cause of death. Hopefully, some of that will be determined through an autopsy.”

State Police, City of Logan Police, Logan County Deputies and the Division of Natural Resources responded to the scene.

First responders said the body was male and in the water for days.



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