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The Aracoma Story Returns To Stage After Six Year Break

The Aracoma Story returned to the stage last week.

The production tradition, based on local history, began with a performance in 1952 on the Island in Logan. A mythical romance tale of Shawnee Princess Aracoma and Boling Baker during the bloody struggle between colonist and Native Americans in the 1700’s.

The show became a yearly production and attraction at Chief Logan State Park’s Liz Spurlock Amphitheater beginning in 1976. The namesake production of the Aracoma Story, Inc. has been on hiatus since 2016.

“This is the seventieth anniversary of Aracoma Story,” Bruce Baisden told the Logan Banner. Baisden is the director and hopes area residents make it out for the anniversary production.

“I wish people in this area would come and watch this show. This show is so close and dear to this area.”

The production relives many of the people and events that shaped the area. Chief Logan, a Mingo Chief, fully bloodies his vengeance during the performance. Many of the names of characters are familiar to community names like Aracoma and Oceana. A yarn is spun on how Rum Creek got its name.

WVOW’s Kayla Marcum portrays a matured Aracoma in this year’s production.

“It was one of my bucket list roles,” Marcum said, “not because it’s the lead, but because of who she is,”

Marcum was last apart of the Aracoma Story cast was twenty years ago.

“She wanted peace," Marcum continued, "She and Boling fought for peace. Unfortunately, she didn’t get that, but she gave it all she had. I hope audiences see that these people were real, they lived here and they are the reason we are here.”

Early Aracoma is portrayed by Haley Vance in this year’s production.

The show runs Thursday through Sunday, July 14 – 17 & 21-24, all shows begin at 8:30 p.m.

For advance tickets, call 304-752-0253.



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