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Traffic Stop Results In Drug Arrest

A routine traffic stop in the City of Logan resulted in a drug arrest Thursday night.

Logan Police pulled over a blue Toyota Camry turning onto Holland Lane from the Boulevard without a turn signal and items hanging from the rear-view mirror.

According to police, the car was operated by a juvenile. Passengers in the vehicle included another juvenile and 19-year-old Josi Meadows of Chapmanville. Police alleged the occupants all acted nervous and the car emitted an odor of Marijuana.

A search of the vehicle yielded white crystal-like substances believed to be methamphetamine and a powder believed to be heroin and Fentanyl. Police also recovered a leafy substance believed to be marijuana.

Moreover, police discovered pills identified as Gabapentin and Alprazolam.

According to the criminal complaint, police recovered digital scales, small pieces of aluminum foil, plastic baggies and a pipe consistent with smoking methamphetamine. Cash totaling $1,782 was also found in the vehicle.

Meadows is charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver schedule one, two, three and four. Meadows is also accused of conspiracy.

Bail was set at $50,000 cash only.


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