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Tragic end for missing person case in Boone County

MADISON A missing man in Boone County was found dead Monday afternoon, according to the sheriff.

Boone County Sheriff Chad Barker has confirmed the body 41-year-old Josh Bias was found in the vehicle deputies and volunteers were looking for over the weekend.

Sheriff Barker did not offer any specifics on what ultimately resulted in Bias’ death, but confirmed Bias was in his truck off Route 85 in the Farleys’ Branch area.

“It’s still under investigation and it’s too early to release any of the details like that. We’re still working hard on it and trying to get all of the answers we need,” Barker told Metro News.

Bias had been missing since Monday, July twenty-fourth and reportedly last seen in the Chapmanville area. Volunteers spent the weekend searching for him around the Twilight area. Video surveillance provided time stamps and footage of Bias’ red Toyota truck in the remote area.

The sheriff said Toyota provided the last known location of the vehicle, but said the process took too long.

“That’s an absolute travesty. Toyota has the ability to give the last known location on that vehicle all along and we’ve been fighting with them to get that information,” Barker said.

Circumstances surrounding his death have not been released.

Sheriff asks the public to respect the family’s privacy.


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