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Trent Hired As Logan County's 1st Grant Facilitator

Logan County Commissioners approved the employment of a Grant Facilitator.

Commissioner Diana Barnette says Logan County’s income has been traditionally based on property taxes and coal severance funds. However, Barnette believes that the large number of grants available for application would bring much desired extra dollars to the county.

“I feel like we’re missing a lot of money if we don’t have someone who is focused on seeking out new grants,” Barnette said during the Logan County Commission’s meeting Monday afternoon. “I think it is time that we step up and try to go toward the future and hire a grant facilitator.”

A grant facilitator is an individual dedicated to the purpose of coordinating and managing grant applications. The job typically includes identifying potential grants to fund new or existing programs.

Barnette motioned to hire Man resident Chris Trent as the Logan County’s first Grant Facilitator. Commissioner Ellis seconded the motion and all three commissioners unanimously approved Trent for the job.

Trent recently concluded a stint as a representative of Governor Justice’s office and is a former Special Victim’s Advocate for the Logan County Sheriff’s Department.

Trent won numerous grant applications for the sheriff’s department including a pair of grants in June of 2020 totaling $432,671.

After the meeting, Trent said he is glad to be back home to work and is looking forward to hitting the ground running.

“I’ve been saying for years that Logan County needs to focus on finding grant money, especially federal grant money,” Trent said. “I think we’re going to start seeing some more of that.”

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