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Unofficial Logan County Primary Election Results

AM Stone | WVOW News

LOGAN COUNTY The West Virginia Primary Election Tuesday proved to be a low turnout of voters as anticipated in the weeks leading up to residents casting ballots at their local precincts.

In Logan County, a total of 3,718 ballots were cast or approximately 16.86% of the 22,050 registered voters in the county.

The unofficial results of the election of the Republican nomination to the open seat on the Logan County Commission proved to be a wide margin of victory for candidate Billy Jack Dickerson over Jeremy Farley. Dickerson received more than 65% of the vote with 1,141 votes to Farley’s 607 votes.

On the Democratic side of the commission race, Ralph Rodighiero defeated political newcomer Bill Copley. Rodighiero received 905 votes, or 54.5% of the vote, to Copley’s 754 votes.

Incumbent Debbie Mendez was voters top pick for the Logan County Board of Education with 1,741 votes to give Mendez another term on the board.

Dr. Pat Joe White followed Mendez with 1,643 votes to earn another term on the county board.

The third available seat on the board was close with 200 votes separating Anthony “Tony” Dean and former board member Moss Burgess. Dean won the open seat with 1,479 votes to 1,261 votes for Burgess. Jamie Sparks received 958 votes.

The Conservation District Supervisor race totaled 2,555 ballots with John Kovach leading. Kovach received 1,637 votes and Michael “Gibson” O’Neil receiving 917 votes.

Mark McGrew and John Turner were unopposed for their Democratic nominations and there were no Republican challenges. McGrew is the Logan County Circuit Clerk and Turner is the Logan County Clerk.

In the Democratic Executive Committee races, Faron Williamson was unopposed for the male congressional, senatorial and delegate district executive committees. Moreover, Williamson was unopposed in the district three male Democratic County Executive Committee.

Vickie “Vance” Kolota, Becky Nagy, Rema Butcher and T.J. Blevins were unopposed for their respective districts on the Democratic County Executive Committee.

Courtney “McCoy” Quick was unopposed in her bid for the Logan County female representative to the Republican Congressional District Executive Committee. Chris Trent received 827 votes to defeat Bobby Lee Mines for the male representative. Mines received 691.

Trent received 533 votes for the Republican Senatorial Executive Committee male representative, but it wasn't enough to overtake Mark Keyser II. The winner, with 36% of the vote, Keyser received 579 votes. Eugene Mazzocchi received 494 votes. Sharon Hopkins defeated Valorie Gore Hoffman to win the female spot on the senatorial committee. Hopkins received 936 votes to Hoffman's 511 votes.

Courtney "McCoy" Quick and Scott Poe were unopposed in the races for the male and female spots on the Thirty-first Delegate District Executive Committee

Republican County Executive Committee Female

District One

Sonya M. Dingess Porter 196

Courtney “McCoy” Quick 103

District Two

Janice Stone 89

Leah Vance Williams 135

District Three

Sharon Hopkins 206

Janet Collier Nichols 83

District Four

Diana Barnette 71

District Five

Beth Baldwin 121

Margitta Mazzocchi 183

District Six

Melissa Ellis White 423

Republican County Executive Committee Male

District Two

Pat Callaway 133

Brandon Ray Kirk 83

District Three

Gary Lee Corns 121

Tony Deer II 59

John Keith White 110

District Four

David Noe 72

District Five

Jeremy Farley 104

Eugene Mazzocchi 103

Tony Robison 110

District Six

Chris Trent 296



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