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W.Va. AG Warns Of DHHR Scam

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is warning consumers to be on guard against impostors calling with the promise of government grants.

The Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division has heard of calls from scammers claiming to represent the Department of Health and Human Resources. The impostors instructed consumers to wire money in order for their government grant application to be processed and the grant received.

In some instances, the impostor had the consumer’s full Social Security number and other personal information.

To avoid becoming a victim of a potential scam, do not give out personal information via phone, mail or internet unless you can verify the identity of the recipient. In addition, be wary of anyone who uses bullying tactics or asks for payment via purchase of a prepaid card.


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Karen Fox
Karen Fox
Feb 25, 2022

they came to our house today

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