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W.Va. Receives $10 Mil Settlement From McKinsey And Co.

The global consulting firm McKinsey & Company agreed to pay nearly $600 million for its role in advising businesses on how to sell more prescription opioids, fueling the Tri-States opioid epidemic.

The settlement resolves allegations that McKinsey & Company Inc. collected millions from the nation’s largest opioid manufacturers, most notably a more than 15-year relationship with Purdue Pharma, to boost sales of OxyContin even well after the opioid epidemic peaked.

Ohio and Kentucky were among 47 states, the District of Colombia, and five U.S. territories to reach a $573 million settlement. West Virginia announced a $10 million settlement with the company.

Under the settlement terms, Ohio will receive $20 million this year and $4.7 million spread over the next four years to help remediate the harm caused by the opioid epidemic. Kentucky will receive $10.8 million.

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