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Woody Williams, Medal of Honor recipient hospitalized

West Virginia’s only living Medal of Honor recipient is reportedly hospitalized and his health may be failing.

The family of World War II veteran Hershel "Woody" Williams posted a social media message that Williams is in a hospital and living out his last days.

“At this time, Woody is not accepting visitors and his family appreciates everyone respecting his privacy,” a statement from the Woody Williams Family and Foundation said. “As he lives out his last days, we welcome and appreciate any additional prayers lifted up on behalf of Woody and his family,”

Following the statement from the family, US Congresswoman Carol Miller posted a statement on Twitter Tuesday to renew calls to pass legislation to allow Williams to lie in state at the Capitol in Washington DC.

Miller tweeted, “Woody Williams is a dear friend, proud West Virginian, & national hero. My prayers are with him & his family during this time. I am once again calling on Speaker Pelosi to pass my legislation allowing the last WWII Medal of Honor recipient to lie in honor in the U.S. Capitol.

The 98-year-old Williams is a US Marine veteran and was awarded the congressional Medal of Honor in 1945 for eliminating Japanese gun emplacements on Iwo Jima. The actions of Mr. Williams that day certainly aided in US forces raising American flags on the island.

A native of Harrison County, Williams currently resides in Barboursville.



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