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WV Senate passed on Governor's 10% income tax cut

Governor Justice’s 10% income tax reduction hit a wall before the legislature adjourned its special session last week.

Governor Jim Justice’s income tax cut passed the state house last week without debate, but Senate Republicans declined to take up the bill.

“I continue to believe with all in me that West Virginia can be like Florida, Texas, and Tennessee,” Justice said in a statement, “with a booming economy and population, built on people moving into states with no personal income tax. We have the best people, best natural resources, four of the best seasons, and are located within a rock’s throw of two-thirds of our country’s population. Without a personal income tax, our potential is limitless.”

Senate Republicans declined to take up the Governor’s proposal and instead passed a resolution in support of a cut to personal property and business inventory taxes in the future.

The resolution stated, “While committed to a plan for income tax relief, the Senate does not believe that reducing the average West Virginia taxpayer’s monthly income tax liability by $20 will be an economic driver nor provide meaningful relief to the taxpayer,”

The senate’s resolution doubled down on promoting an amendment to the state constitution to reduce personal property and business inventory taxes that will be on the ballot this November.

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