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2 Arrested For Drug Warrants In Mingo County

Two men were arrested Wednesday on drug charges in Mingo County.

According to the Mingo County Sheriff’s Office, warrants were served for Paul Thomasson, of Delbarton, by deputies and the US 119 Drug Task Force. A social media press release said the arrest was the conclusion to a “lengthy investigation.”

Reportedly, drugs and paraphernalia were found in plain view as officers secured the residence.

Police recovered over a pound of crystal meth and 30 grams of a meth and fentanyl mixture called Gray Death. Around $12,000 in cash was also recovered from the bust.

The warrant served on Thomasson was for two counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. Moveover, Thomasson faces additional charges of possession with intent to deliver meth and possession with intent to deliver the fentanyl and meth mix.

Stephen Andrew Thomasson was arrested at the scene for possession with intent to deliver meth and conspiracy.



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