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2 arrests for drugs following traffic stop in Chapmanville

A drug bust following a traffic stop in Chapmanville resulted in two arrests.

A traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle with Ohio tags around 1:45 a.m. Friday morning. According to Chapmanville Police, the car allegedly had a strong odor of marijuana.

A search of the vehicle commenced after the passenger, Jessice Meade, admitted to having marijuana.

The search yielded baggies with powdery substances. Driver Marlcom Meade said the substances were methamphetamine.

Further investigation discovered the automobile was reported stolen in Pikeville. Moreover, Meade was operating the auto on a revoked driver’s license from a previous DUI.

The driver and passenger were both arrested. The driver was charged with grand larceny, possession with intent, driving revoke DUI, possession of stolen property and conspiracy.



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