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6 arrested in connection to Matewan murder


MATEWAN Six people arrested in Mingo County following a deadly stabbing.

West Virginia State Police is investigating a murder in Matewan. According to police, the murder took place in Matewan at he Magnolia Gardens Apartments in Matewan around 11:30 p.m. Monday night.

Troopers identified the victim as 27-year-old Cory Marcum of North Matewan. Marcum died from a stab wound in his thigh, according to investigators.

A total of six suspects have been arrested, however police have not yet pinned the actualy murder on any one individual

Suspects include arrested include: 39-year-old David Tidwell IV, of Chattaroy; 42-year-old Qiana Harmon, of North Matewan; 62-year-old Phyllis Ferrell, of Matewan; 53-year-old Everett Lockard, of North Matewan; 52-year-old Terry Steele, of Matewan; 45-year-old Misty Cline, of Delbarton.

All are currently charged with felony accessory after the fact for murder.



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